Collection: Eco-Friendly Soap Saver

Extend the Life of Your Clean Harvest Handmade Soap.

Uncover the ultimate solution for preserving your Clean Harvest handmade soap with this innovative soap saver. Crafted from eco-friendly bioplastics, this accessory ensures your soap remains pristine and protected, while also promoting sustainability. Say goodbye to messy soap dishes and hello to hygienic storage that allows efficient draining and optimal airflow. The soap saver is a breeze to clean, maintaining its effectiveness effortlessly. Embrace eco-consciousness with a bioplastic creation that leaves no trace of pollutants, proudly made in the USA. Elevate your soap experience, support local craftsmanship, and contribute to a greener world with this trending, practical, and stylish soap accessory.

Care of Soap Saver

Cleaning them is a breeze—just hold them under running water.